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(c) 2000

Asthma Monitor & Allergy Data Information Appliance

Developed for the purposes of Computer Society International Design Competition

Team members:


Juraj Hercek
Peter Kleinert
Radoslav Kovac
Dusan Lacko

Supervised by:


Maria Bielikova
Tibor Krajcovic



Asthma is one of the major public health problems in the world. The goal of our work is to address the growing problem of asthma. Several features related to allergic diseases are also included because allergy is the leading cause of asthma. In the report, we describe a prototype called Asthma Monitor & Allergy Data Information Appliance (AMADIA). The user of AMADIA is an asthma-suffering patient. With AMADIA the user can monitor the current state of disease (morning/evening peak flow tracking), identify triggers that are worsening patient's condition, save history of important asthma related measurements and get information about the current pollen counts and weather. All interesting information is also sent to patient's physician by e-mail. AMADIA interface is easy-to-use. The system is provided with a touch screen, which allows people to use AMADIA effectively without to become computer-literate. The core of data and knowledge used by the system depends heavily on information available on the Internet. AMADIA will definitely help enhance quality of life of the user. Moreover, the whole community will benefit from reduced asthma cost and increased productivity of people who use AMADIA. We concentrate in this report on design of the AMADIA system because it is the most important part of the unique and originative work in this project. AMADIA is designed by the use of modern technologies, which help to achieve maintability and extensibility of the system. We use relational database and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) for data representation. Design of the system is modular, several functions of the system are designed and implemented as independent utilities, which can be added or extended. The AMADIA system was developed by a team of four students during a fourth-month period. The result of such project and quality of developed system largely depends on the development process used. We devoted particular attention to the development process and describe it briefly.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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